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In addition to our PR-1530AR photometer we offer a wide range of equipment suitable for measurement of display panels.

For measurement of small features consider the PR-705. For larger brighter features the PR-650 may be adequate.

Glen Spectra offer a range of equipment ideal for a range of display characterisation requirements:

  • Measurement of display colour - PR-655/PR-670

  • Adjustment of CRT gun currents for optimum colour performance - PR-670
  • Measurement of Contrast, depending on the spot size required and minimum luminance levels consider either the PR-705 or PR-655
  • For LCD display response time characterisation, the analogue output of the PR-880 which provides data at 450kHz (2.2 µs) is often ideal.
  • To obtain the luminance and or colour profile of all points on a display in one measurement consider using one of our video photometers.
  • We can also offer a fully automated display measurement system, see PR-9000 for further details.

We understand that often a single instrument needs to be put to many different uses, please contact us to discuss which instrument and accessories best meets your variety of measurement requirements.


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