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Glen Spectra is committed to serving our customers with superior products and technical support for optical spectroscopy. Our products are dedicated to helping you get the most from your research and analytical applications. To help you find the Glen Spectra product best suited to your needs we have grouped together products by name and by application. You can also use the site search facility in the header bar of every page.


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Glen Spectra are now accepting Credit Card payments for Filters and Fibre Optics, please call us with your order details. Click here for further information.



Introducing a new line of handhelds from Photo Research

Fluorescence Microscopy Filters for Parkinson's Research

Fluorescence Microscopy Filters for Diabetes Research

Glen Spectra Astronomy filters used by Faulkes telescope for imaging NASA's Deep Impact mission

Credit Cards now accepted for Filter and Fibre Optic orders

Fluorescence Microscopy Filters For Gene Research

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