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Video Photometers


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PR-920 (pdf)

PR-905 (pdf)

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A video photometer differs from traditional photometers by utilising a multi-element, two-dimensional detector - most typically, a CCD. This gives the video photometer the ability to take a "snapshot" of the target and then perform photometric analysis of the captured image. Tasks such as display uniformity can be completed in a fraction of the time with a video photometer in place of a more traditional instrument because several "measurements" can be performed simultaneously on a captured image.

Like traditional "spot" photometers, the detector spectral response of Video Photometers is filtered to match the CIE Photopic response function for accurately weighted photometric measurements.

Photo Research developed the first commercially available video photometer over 15 years ago. We are proud to introduce our newest and most advanced video photometer - the PR-920 Digital Video Photometer (DVP). The heart of the new PR-920 is a thermoelectrically cooled, scientific grade 1024 x 1024 element digital CCD camera which helps to make it the most accurate, sensitive and repeatable video photometer in its class.

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The PR-905 is the low cost solution to your CCD photometer applications and features many of the same capabilities of the PR-920 at a fraction of the price. The PR-905 provides high accuracy photometric and spatial measurements while staying within today's shrinking budgets.

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