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PR-524 / PR-520 LiteMate Photometer

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PR-524 and PR-522The PR-524 is the next generation in portable, hand-held photometry. It combines illuminance and luminance measurement capabilities with cutting edge technology by featuring a 1.5" x 2.3" back-lit touch screen display, USB interface, Secure Digital (SD) card slot for measurement storage, multiple measuring head capability and rechargeable Li battery. The only button on the PR-524 is the Measure button.


Back Lit / Touch Screen Display

All instrument set-up, measurement setup and file operations are performed via menus on the touch screen display. The built-in back light makes it convenient for working in dark ambient environments.

USB Interface

The PR-524 can be controlled from a PC over the built-in USB interface. We've also included an ASCII based Remote Mode control language and driver that emulates a serial (COM:) port. For example, the PR-524 you can control using Windows HyperTerminal.

Secure Digital Storage

Over 50,000 measurements can be stored on the 32 MByte Secure Digital (SD) card supplied with the PR-524.

Multiple Measuring Heads

If your application requires a multi-spot measurement such as projector uniformity, the PR-524 can be fitted with up to 15 remote measuring heads - all under the control of a PC communicating with the base unit over the USB interface. Each remote detector is individually addressed.

AutoSync® Source Rate Synchronization

For the measurement of non-DC sources, the PR-524 will automatically determine the source refresh or update rate and automatically adjust the PR-524 measurement parameters insuring accurate and repeatable measurements.

Remote Trigger

When it is necessary to either perform a hands off measurement or to measure a flashing source such as a camera flash, the PR-524 can be triggered remotely, and once triggered, will send a pulse to the remote source. Or, it can be used simply as remote trigger.

Luminance Measurements

For luminance measurements, the optional PR-522 SpotMate replaces the standard illuminance accessory. The PR-522 features true Pritchard Optics for unambiguous target alignment capability and can be provided with one of four measuring fields (apertures )- 2°, 1°, ½° or ¼°. For luminance measurements that are inaccessible to line-of-sight measurements, an optional fiber probe accessory can be utilized and for applications where it is necessary to make measurements of self emissive devices in an environment where the ambient light cannot be extinguished, a contact measurement Micro Reader Probe accessory can be employed. The PR-524 and the PR-522 can be ordered as a system, the PR-520

Remote Mode

If you need to include the PR-524 into an ATE environment, we provide software that creates a COM port when the PR-524 is connected to your PC using the USB interface. Simply send a command string to the virtual COM port using ACII characters and the PR-524 will perform the measurement and return the data requested in the command string. This capability, unique among hand held portable photometers, gives you complete control of the instrument and data returned from the measurement.


  • Area Illumination

  • Projector Output
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Projector Uniformity
  • Screen Brightness

Standard Equipment

  • PR-524 with cosine corrected measuring accessory

  • Lithium-ion battery (charges inside PR-524)
  • AC Adaptor
  • Carrying Case
  • Multi Media Card (MMC)

Specifications (subject to change)

Standard Equipment

PR-524 Photometer with Cosine Receptor Head, Lithium-ion battery, Secure Digital (SD) card, carrying case, AC Adaptor, SD 'Explorer' PC software


1.3 x 2.3 i LCD inch back lit touch screen

Digital Resolution

20 bits

Sync Range

20 to 400 Hz

Measurement Modes

Illuminance (footcandles and lux - standard)
Luminance (footlamberts and cd/m2 - optional with PR-522, FP-524 or MR-524)


PR-514 Remote Heads (up to 15), LR-522 SpotMate, FP-524 Fibre Probe, MP-524 Micro Reader Probe

Illuminance Range

0.01 - 300,000 lux (0.001 - 30,000 footcandles)

Illuminance Accuracy

+/- 2% when measuring NIST traceable illuminance standard at 2856 Kelvin (Illuminant A)


1% at 0.05% lux (0.005 footcandles)



Measurement Storage

Internal, Secure Digital (SD)
Internal: 100 Measurement Buffer (while unit is on).
External: For a 32M Card: Approx. 53,000 measurements (approx. 600 bytes per measurement)


Rechargeable lithium ion battery - charges in the PR-524 while connected to the external supply (AC-520).

Battery Life

6 hours continuous use (without back light)


255g without battery


Main Body: 175 x 76.2 mm
Measuring Head: 55.1x76.2 mm

Operating Temperature

5 - 35 degC

PR-522 SpotMate Specifications


Pritchard Optical System - Through the Lens Alignment

Measuring Angle


Field of View (FOV)


Luminance Range

Aperture (deg)

Range (fl)



0.067 - 2,014,000


0.268 - 8,056,000


1.07 - 110,399,000

Focus Range

356 mm to infinity

Spot Size

5.7mm @ 356 mm from target

Measuring Distance Versus Spot Size

Aperture (deg)

Minimum Spot Size (mm)









PR-524 LiteMate Schematic

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