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Most modern spectroradiometers are designed to measure the absolute spectral quantity, in terms of power, of the light under test by breaking up the broad band incoming optical signal into its component parts by means of a diffraction grating - much like a prism. The diffracted light is then imaged onto a multi-element detector. Each detector element in turn samples its own part of the diffracted spectrum. In addition to the measured spectral data, luminance, CIE chromaticity values, reflectance and transmittance are readily obtained from the spectral information.

Photo Research spectroradiometers are designed to measure radiance (watts/steradian/square meter) utilising the patented Pritchard optics to collect the incoming optical radiation. Their ease-of-use, accuracy and reliability has made this product family the most widely used. Our spectroradiometers are tailored for display measurement, but can be outfitted to address virtually any light measurement application.

PR-670 / PR-680

The PR-670 SpectraScan is the newest addition to the world renowned SpectraScan colourimeter series of instruments. This unique, portable battery powered instrument utilises a fast-scanning 256 detector element spectometer and is supplied with automated measuring apertures and automated measure shutter.

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The PR-680 SpectraDuo marks the beginning of a new era in light measurement. This unique patent pending, battery powered portable instrument is the first and only combined fast-scanning 256 detector element spectroradiometer and PMT based photometer on the market.

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When battery-powered portability, ease-of-use, connectability and spectrally accurate measurement results are important criteria when selecting a photometer or colourimeter, the PR-655 SpectraScan® is the instrument of choice.

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The PR-705 / 715 is the latest generation in the SpectraScan® family of self-scanning spectroradiometers. We've added features such as an on-board computer, multiple measuring apertures (up to six in a single instrument), built-in back-lit LCD readout, push-button control panel, RS-232 interface, built-in parallel printer port, and built-in 3½, 1.44 Mbytes floppy disk drive. No other instrument in its class offers this many standard features.

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The PR-640 SpectraCal is a high precision spectroradiometer from Photo Research that offers a quick and affordable solution to intensity and colour quality problems. It is a hand-held illuminance meter/colourimeter that performs NIST-traceable measurements in seconds. Since the PR-640 makes photometric and colourimetric measurements spectrally, it has extremely high accuracy unmatched by any filter colourimeter

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The PR-1980B filter photometer/spectroradiometer is still the only instrument available that offers the performance of a PR-1980A filter photometer with the versatility of a scanning spectroradiometer.

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