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Glen Spectra

Experts in Light and Colour Measurement



LED Characterisation
UV-VIS-NIR analysis of LEDs, including total spectral and luminous flux, averaged intensity (to CIE 127), peak / dominant wavelength, spectral purity and spectroscopuc goniometric measurements

Full range of irradiance and illuminance measurement systems from 200 to 30,000nm
Vision Research
A complete range of instrumentation for human and animal vision investigations including hand held spectroradiometers for display and room lighting conformance checks
Portable and laboratory luminance / radiance equipment with spot sizes down to 0.02mm. Spectroscopic and filter based equipment
Sunlight and Solar Simulators
Double spectrometer instruments with high stray light rejection which is required for accurate UV measurements
Total Luminous Flux
High accuracy total power and colour systems for lamp characterisation, including CRI. Standard spheres up to 2m diameter
Display Characterisation
Luminance and colour measurement, repeatability, uniformity, contrast, jitter and flicker analysis of CRT, LED, OLED, EL and LCD displays

Calibration Standards
Full range of NIST traceable irradiance (2000-4500nm), radiance (200-2500nm), illuminance and luminance standards, plus diffuse and specular reflectors

Night Vision
Specialised instruments designed and optimised to meet the demanding requirements of night vision compatibility testing to MIL-L-85762A
Entry Level Spectroradiometers
Compact irradiance and radiance spectroradiometers, ideal for quality control applications
Automotive and Aircraft Displays
Instrumentation for vehicle displays including video colourimeters. Ideal for uniformity measurements on small features
Calibration Service
Fully traceable calibration service is available for our products at our Stanmore facility



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