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Glen Spectra offer a variety of Portable Spectroradiometers.

The PR-655 and PR-670 are a fully portable hand held spectroradiometer for the visible range. It can be configured to perform either spectral radiance or spectral irradiance measurements over the 380 to 780nm range. From these luminance (cd/m²) or illuminance (Lux) and colour (x, y, u', v' etc.) can be calculated and displayed on the instrument. The spectroscopic data can be saved to an on-board memory card for later downloading to a computer.

The PR-705 has additional sensitivity and a greater variety of field of view options than the related PR650. Again it can be used without a computer, luminance/illuminance and colour information can be seen on the instrument's own display and full spectral data can be stored on board and downloaded when convenient. An optional battery pack is available.

The SpecBos1200USB is powered from a computer's USB port so can easily be used for simple measurements in conjunction with a laptop.


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