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Jobin Yvon/Glen Spectra at IPOT 2001


The SpectRad Gemini Double Spectrometer from Jobin Yvon

The SpectRad Gemini Double Spectrometer, displayed at IPOT 2001

We exhibited the new CP-20 OEM Miniature Spectrograph. The CP-20 is part of the Jobin Yvon comprehensive range of miniature spectrographs with a selection of solid state array detectors. They can be fitted into small, handheld, portable instruments or replace larger existing internal spectrometers in analysers where space is at a premium.

Also on display was a range of filters and gratings available though Jobin Yvon/Glen Spectra. Spectra for the filters were displayed alongside, using the new Curv-o-matic designed to provide users with instant spectral data on standard fluorescence and microscopy sets.

For further information on the range of products displayed at IPOT 2001, please contact:

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