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Photonex Preview 2002

Jobin Yvon will be showing the new range of OEM miniature spectrographs that can be fitted into small hand-held portable instruments or replace existing internal spectrometers in analysers where space is a premium.

We will also display a wide range of OEM custom gratings, including classically ruled and holographic, concave and plane, flat field, aberration corrected and dye laser gratings, a product in which Jobin Yvon have defined the leading edge since 1819.

Also on display through Jobin Yvon/Glen Spectra will be a range of photometers, colourimeters and spectroradiometers and a wide range of filters including Alpha Vivid sets for fluorescence and microscopy, precision interference filters and notch filters.

Information will also be available on the Spex photoluminescence Quantum Yield spectrofluorometer, incorporating an integrating sphere to overcome the angular dependence on emission and a broad-band source to facilitate choice of excitation wavelength. There will also be information on the Jobin Yvon/Glen Spectra range of spectroradiometers, radiometers and calibration standards and our range of environmental and biological instrumentation.

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