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3rd Millennium Filters

3rd Millennium Filters fill the market position of high-performance commodity filters for widespread research and instrumentation applications. They are available as stock bandpass, longpass, and shortpass assemblies. They are also available as fluorescence microscopy filter sets for the most commonly used fluorophores. For all products delivery times are short, pricing is competitive with industry standard catalog filters, and performance is high.

Filters made using this technology offer the advantages of surface coatings, along with the benefits of extreme phase thickness coatings. At the heart of each filter is the patented, hermetically-sealed, physical assembly which protects the dielectric coatings and eliminates the potential environmental instability of surface coatings. The assembly does not use polymer adhesives, minimizing thermal instability and potential photon damage. The patented assembly results in longer filter life, increased transmission, reduced parasitic fluorescence and significantly reduced Transmitted Wavefront Distortion (TWD).

3RD Millennium stock filters utilize proprietary ALPHA technology, producing edge slopes which are 10 times steeper than industry standard Fabry Perot designs. As a result, passbands can be made wider while still achieving the blocking requirements of narrower, less steep designs. In other words, wider 3RD Millennium filters outperform narrower standard designs by providing not only improved transmission, but better blocking and higher signal-to-noise.

The most critical feature of filter design is the transition from blocking to transmission. Precise location of band edges, coupled with steep slopes, allows for optimal transmission of spectral energy. While industry standard filters are defined by Center Wavelength (CWL) and Bandwidth (FWHM), 3RD Millennium filters are specified by the critical cut-on and cut-off edges, resulting in much more accurate band placement and bandwidth. The 3RD Millennium manufacturing line incorporates CNC, robotics, and refined process allowing a high degree of consistency.

3RD Millennium technology is protected by patent #6,918,673.

3rd Millennium filters are available as;

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